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Fourth Grade Sight-Reading

Fourth Grade is practicing sight-reading in class.  As sight-reading is introduced, the process for deciphering a new composition is modeled, and then the class follows the steps independently.  It is important for the students to be comfortable with the process of deconstructing a composition so they will feel confident attempting it individually.   As students sight-read music at an appropriate level of difficulty, they improve music fluency.  This video shows a fourth grade class sight-reading a recorder composition for the first time.  


Kindergarten Explore Sounds




As an introduction to an inquiry of Timbre, the Kindergarten classes explored sound.  They experimented with glass bottles, mallets and water to see what kinds of musical sounds could be produced.  They discovered the relationship between the area of a resonator and it’s corresponding pitch.  They made connections between band and orchestral instruments and the sounds produced by the bottles. They compared the pitch produced by blowing across the bottle with the same pitch on the piano and the same pitch on a xylophone. The activity prompted them to ask relevant questions and express an interest to explore sounds on their own.

Grade Two Chimes

The students in grade two play the chimes as part of the second grade unit on Tone.  This helps them to strengthen their understanding of the musical elements of tone and pitch while exploring the relationship between the size of the instrument and the pitch produced.  It also helps them to develop the concept of steady beat and the importance of working together as an ensemble.  As they explore the chimes in depth in future lessons they will build upon their experiences by creating their own chime compositions.

IST Composer Spotlight


Thomas Forbes, a second grade student, has written his first song.  When asked where he found the inspiration to write a song, he stated that he made a connection between what we were doing in music class, and what Ms. Pearl was teaching in his writing class.  He decided to go home that evening and write his own song. His next step will be notation for the melody and then sharing the competed composition.  Stay tuned to the music blog for his final masterpiece.


Hello grade four students.  If you misplace your copy of An Olde English Carol you can use this to practice at home.

Please use this as you are practicing at home to build good playing habits for the future.  I use this for your assessment in class.   Have Fun!!!!

Recorder Rubric

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